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"Dina Pino...

A commanding presence,

Reminiscent of Gilda Radner"

      - The Toronto Star

Dina Pino Commercial Voice Demo - Dina Pino
Céline Dion sings Golden Girls, and other little sketches. Dina Pino
Breakfast Television Toronto Dina Pino segment - Tips on Toronto Parks & Recs Registration!
Dina Pino - Celine Dion - Bathroom Quarantine
Dina Pino Demo
Bell "Home For Christmas"  with Dina Pino and many others
Visa Infinite Commercial "Thank You"
Subway Commercial "Knock Knock" Subway Now Delivers.
Tide Commercial - with Dina Pino - "Breathe Easy and Eliminate Yoga Aroma"
Mini Demo - Dina Pino - TV-Voice-Commercial&Animation
Visa Commercial"Got Us In"
Visa Infinite Radio Commercial "Take Credit"
Classico - Tips with Nonna
Rogers Commercial - Dina Pino - "Rogers Moves Concierge"
RUBA535 Commercial
Dina Pino Talks Canada & Covid
Dina Pino Prime Minister Trudeau Speaks
#Momday "How To Wear Your Guy's Hat"
Canadian Tire Commercial  - Bubble Soccer Fun!
Maple Leaf Prime Chicken Commercial - Dina Pino
INTERAC - Commercial - Dina Pino - "Flash - Water"
Toyota Commercial - Dina Pino
Tim Hortons Commercial - Dina Pino - "Bring It Back - Modem"
Co-operators Commercial - Dina Pino
The Source Commercial - Dina Pino
Tim Hortons Commercial - Dina Pino "Bring It Back - Phone"
Ford Commercial  "Terrain Management" - Dina Pino, Robert Tsonos & Kids!
Walmart Commercial - Dina Pino
Tim Hortons Commercial - Dina Pino - "Bring It Back"
OLG Commercial -  Dina Pino & Andy Ingram
Casino Rama Commercial - Dina Pino
CIBC Commercial - Dina Pino CIBC
Walmart Commercial - Lunchables Moment Back to School - Dina Pino
Solo Mobile Commercial - Dina Pino
Dina Pino #Momday T.O. Parks&Rec Registration Madness!
#Momday - Mom's ridiculous purse declutter - Dina Pino
#Momday - Mom does unthinkable with Kid's Art - Dina Pino
#Momday  -  Mom Schooled by 10Km Run - Dina Pino
#Momday - Mom Makes Crappy Lunch - Dina Pino
#Momday  - Mom Sneaks Cookies - Dina Pino
#Momday - Parents-Be-Crazy - Dina Pino
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