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"Dina Pino...

A commanding presence,

Reminiscent of Gilda Radner"

      - The Toronto Star

Dina Pino Commercial Voice Demo - Dina Pino
Céline Dion sings Golden Girls, and other little sketches. Dina Pino
Dina Pino Talks Canada & Covid
Dina Pino - Celine Dion - Bathroom Quarantine
Dina Pino Prime Minister Trudeau Speaks
Mini Demo - Dina Pino - TV-Voice-Commercial&Animation
Bell "Home For Christmas"  with Dina Pino and many others
Subway Commercial "Knock Knock" Subway Now Delivers.
Visa Infinite Commercial "Thank You"
Dina Pino Demo
Visa Commercial"Got Us In"
Visa Infinite Radio Commercial "Take Credit"
Breakfast Television Toronto Dina Pino segment - Tips on Toronto Parks & Recs Registration!
RUBA535 Commercial
#Momday "How To Wear Your Guy's Hat"
Classico - Tips with Nonna
Tide Commercial - with Dina Pino - "Breathe Easy and Eliminate Yoga Aroma"
Rogers Commercial - Dina Pino - "Rogers Moves Concierge"
Canadian Tire Commercial  - Bubble Soccer Fun!
Maple Leaf Prime Chicken Commercial - Dina Pino
INTERAC - Commercial - Dina Pino - "Flash - Water"
Toyota Commercial - Dina Pino
Tim Hortons Commercial - Dina Pino - "Bring It Back - Modem"
Co-operators Commercial - Dina Pino
The Source Commercial - Dina Pino
Tim Hortons Commercial - Dina Pino "Bring It Back - Phone"
Ford Commercial  "Terrain Management" - Dina Pino, Robert Tsonos & Kids!
Walmart Commercial - Dina Pino
Tim Hortons Commercial - Dina Pino - "Bring It Back"
OLG Commercial -  Dina Pino & Andy Ingram
Casino Rama Commercial - Dina Pino
CIBC Commercial - Dina Pino CIBC
Walmart Commercial - Lunchables Moment Back to School - Dina Pino
Solo Mobile Commercial - Dina Pino
Dina Pino #Momday T.O. Parks&Rec Registration Madness!
#Momday - Mom's ridiculous purse declutter - Dina Pino
#Momday - Mom does unthinkable with Kid's Art - Dina Pino
#Momday  -  Mom Schooled by 10Km Run - Dina Pino
#Momday - Mom Makes Crappy Lunch - Dina Pino
#Momday  - Mom Sneaks Cookies - Dina Pino
#Momday - Parents-Be-Crazy - Dina Pino
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